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Granoro Dedicato

The unmistakable aroma of the best durum wheat

In the production process of Granoro pasta, the choice of drawing is crucial to giving the different formats the right porosity and adequate degree of thickness. In fact, all the formats are designed so as to cook uniformly and to have a short cooking time. Granoro pasta is firm, elastic and compact, even many hours after cooking. It has the yellow-gold colour typical of durum wheat sun-ripened to the golden yellow colour. It is porous, for an excellent yield and maximum digestibility. It leaves no starch in the cooking water, which remains clear and without residues. It has a high protein content and the unmistakable aroma of the best durum wheat. For this, if it’s Granoro you’ll recognise it.

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if it’s Granoro you’ll recognise it


Granoro Dedicato pasta is produced using only durum wheat grown and processed in Puglia. We select the best varieties of durum wheat, those most suited to our climate, our territory and with the best characteristics to obtain excellent pasta.

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